Bengal Cats

"Bengal cats with the exotic look of their wild ancestors"

Is a Bengal Cat Right for Me?

If you are looking for a vocal and active cat, then Bengal cat is the right choice for you. They are a hybrid breed of cats that means they are a cross breed between a domesticated cat and an Asian leopard cat. That is why when you lay your eyes on a Bengal cat for the very first time, you notice a wild like the appearance of them. They are a simply adorable breed of cats which is becoming popular among cat lovers around the world.

Bengal cats have a wild like a look with wide noses and strong cheekbones. Their ears vary in size from small to medium with oval to round eyes. Bengal cats have different eye colors like green, yellow-green and even blue. Some of them look like leopards with solid spots of their body like leopards.

Bengal Cat Right for Me

When it comes to their health, some of the do have some health issues due to the careless breeding of this cat-like early years blindness etc.

So if you are wondering if a Bengal cat is a right choice for you, following points will clarify all confusions.

Bengal Cats Are Active

If you are a person who likes to live with a mellow type of cats, who like to sit in your lap or cuddle, then Bengal cats are absolutely not your type. They are extremely athletic and playful cats who are full of energy. They are highly intelligent cats and they can do tasks like opening drawers and cabins etc. so if you are willing to spare or share your time with them, only then you will be able to adopt them.

Bengal Cats Are Wild

Bengal cats have large strong claws and large feet. They chew things like dogs. They really love to scratch things in the house like carpet, burlap or even wooden edges. They like to climb up to the high places around the house, even on your shoulders as well. No wonder from where you got your love marks from.

Bengal Cats Are Party Animals

Don’t be alarmed if you hear sudden noises at night. Bengal cats are highly active and party animals, as they are smarter than the average cats and like to break things around the house. Few things they are notorious to do is, breaking into human food, opening doors, splashing toilet paper etc. Night races are a favorite Bengal cat’s pass time. They love to play with water whether it is clean water or dirty. Where there is water, Bengal cat would be seen playing around.

Bengal Cats Have Sensitive Stomachs

Most Bengals gave sensitive stomachs and require a balanced diet. They need high quality at food. Protein diet is an important nutrient for them. They need to be fed small portions of food or they will get a bad tummy.

Bengal Cats Are Affectionate

Despite all the above-mentioned traits, Bengals are very affectionate and loving cats. You would not find any other bread of cats who like to spend so much happy time with their owners as Bengals cats do. They love to talk and communicate with their owners with their special chirps and signals.

Bengal cats are no doubt a beautiful and playful creature of cats. Their unique intelligence and behaviors make them special for any cat lover.