Bengal Cats

"Bengal cats with the exotic look of their wild ancestors"

What Is A Bengal Cat?

Bengal Cat

Origin & Biology

Bengal Cat is a crossbred cat, basically of Indian origin. They are hybrid of the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic cat, backcrossed to domestic cats in order to create a strong and friendly cat. The animal derives its name from the Asian Leopard Cat "P. b. bengalensis".

Bengals are characterized by a body structure close to an Asian Leopard Cat so as to look like wildlings from jungle. They have got wild looking spot markings on the back and stripes elsewhere on the body like jungle cats, with a small white belly. One typical feature Bengals possess is the striping alongside their eyes, like a mascara. They come in bright orange, pale, brown and off-white colors.


Bengal Cats happen to be active and intelligent animals, with a tendency to grasp their surroundings and involve themselves in activities around them. Also, they are known for their ferocious nature. They are confident and dominant, purposefully bred to have qualities of exotic jungle cats. They possess vocal and friendly characteristics which make them fun to be around for the owners.


Bred from Asian Leopard Cat, the originally ferocious breed turns gentler in temperament after three generations from original crossing. To own the Bengal as a pet, however, it is safe for the owner to get one which is at least four generations from the Leopard Cat.


The breed is yet to manifest any serious diseases or allergic traits, apart from an early age blindness disorder noticed in Bengals in year 2011, which did not appear to be much contagious either.

Apart from their bold look, Bengals are in demand because of the fact they undergo very little shedding. They are pretty much self-groomers, although veterinarians suggest their grooming once in a week to keep the shedding in check and the coat healthy.

Likes & Dislikes

Bengals love to be pampered. They demand attention from their owners and they have a huge liking for water. They are more talkative than other domestic cats and love to play. Also, they may often be found jumping around or engrossed in some or the other kind of activity. Known for their fierce nature, these cats do not particularly seem to be averse many things around them.


This breed of cats is known for its active nature, so, delicate and expensive home stuff needs to be taken care before bringing the cat home. They like to find some bizarre places to hide into where it often becomes difficult for you to find them.

Bengals are highly dominant; hence, make sure you, your family and other pets can take their aggressive behavior with patience. They find amusement in games like unrolling toilet papers, switching lights on and off, and likes of that.

Being a crossbred animal and owing to their bold features, the Bengal cats are one of the most expensive pets. Cat lovers will find their choice absolutely satisfying going for Bengal Cat as their pet because of all the lively traits the cat is bred for. Although fun to be around, you better expand your bravery zones and be ready to be terrified by a Bengal's untamed behaviour that will surely come to play from time to time.